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"Bodies, Nations and Knowledge..."

Zakład Badań Problemów Ludnościowych IS UJ/ Specjalność „Społeczno-kulturowa tożsamość płci" oraz Oddział Krakowski Polskiego Towarzystwa Socjologicznego serdecznie zapraszają na gościnny wykład prof. Teresy Kulawik (Uniwersytet Södertörn, Szwecja) "Bodies, Nations and Knowledge. Political Episteme in Germany, Poland and Sweden. A historical perspective".

Wykład odbędzie się 11 czerwca (wtorek), w godz. 13.30 - 15.00, w sali 61 w Instytucie Socjologii UJ, ul. Grodzka 52.

The lecture reports from a comparative book project that explores policy discourses about bodily issues, reproductive rights and knowledge production in the interwar years and since the 1980s. The study seeks to unravel puzzling questions about the development of different gender regimes in Germany, Poland and Sweden and why women´s movements politicized issues so differently. The Swedish women´s movement prioritized both in the first and second wave redistributive issues before bodily rights. Germany that is usually classified as a conservative male breadwinner model has been historically a pioneer of reproductive rights. In the 1980s the women´s movement generated a mass mobilization concerning New Reproductive Technologies. In Sweden they were barely politicized at all. Poland today could be classified as a conservative-neo liberal gender regime, in which reproductive rights as well as IVF are highly polarized. Historically, Poland was in some respect more liberal than Sweden. The perspective on body politics casts doubt on prevalent classifications of gender regimes and challenges linear notions of the development of gender policies. The theoretical framework applied in the study combines insights from social sciences and cultural studies. Bodies in politics are conceived as a trinity of individual, collective and imagined bodies. It examines the two periods and three countries as spaces of articulation and institutional assemblies that embody certain "conditions of possibility" for thinking and acting.

Data opublikowania: 01.06.2013
Osoba publikująca: Anna Szwed