Ogłoszenie konkursowe na stanowisko adiunkta (post-doc) w Instytucie Socjologii UJ w projekcie "CrimScapes: Navigating Citizenship in the European Landscapes of Criminalisation"

of the Jagiellonian University
announces a competitive selection process for the post of as ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (POST-DOC)
in the research staff / research and faculty staff member group

at the Institute of Sociology
of the Faculty of Philosophy
academic field: sociology

The Jagiellonian University in Kraków invites applicants for an Assistant Professor (Post-Doc researcher) position in the project CrimScapes: Navigating Citizenship in the European Landscapes of Criminalisation funded by the New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Co-operation in Europe (NORFACE) within the programme ‘Democratic Governance in the Turbulent Age’ https://www.norface.net/project/crimscapes/ (project numer: 2019/01/Y/HS6/00042)

CrimScapes project

The CrimScapes project explores the expanding application of criminal law, crime control measures and imaginaries of (il)legality as both responses to, and producers of, the politics of threat and uncertainty that are currently expanding across the European region. Given the inherent tensions between democratic processes and ever-expanding legal regulations, the project investigates this growing reliance on criminal technologies and institutions as a challenge to the participatory nature of democratic societies, and as possible symptoms and causes of the general sense of turbulence that has come to dominate much of economic, social and political life. It works to analytically grasp the motivations behind, and challenges and implications of, criminalisation for the variety of actors and practices that (re-)shape entangled crimscapes - i.e. landscapes of criminalisation. With the support of secondary literature, archival research and interviews, project members will develop - for a variety of publics - CrimeLines (i.e. genealogical timelines) of seven European crimscapes (of drug use, migration, sex work, infectious diseases, the prison context, sexual and gender identities, and hate speech). Additional ethnographic fieldwork will help to conceptualise - in publications and an EthnoGraphic Novel - the strategies, relations and citizenship dynamics of the implicated actors as they navigate democratic participation and freedoms with legal regulation and measures of crime control. Extracting from this empirical data, researchers will then highlight and open for discussion - with policy makers and other stakeholders - documented dilemmas of democratic governance so as to enhance the lived realities, rights-claims and desired futures of all implicated actors.


We are looking for a candidate for a fully funded Assistant Professor (Post-Doctoral) position to study the intersection of criminality and sexuality and gender in Central and Eastern Europe. The position will be offered for a fixed term of three years starting 2 November 2020 (or as agreed). The successful candidate will be employed at the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and is expected to work full time on a case study focused on the criminalisation of sexuality/gender in Central and Easter Europe. Candidates are expected to propose a specific topic, subject area and the geographic scope for the case study in their application.


The competitive selection process is open for all individuals who meet the requirements set out in Articles 113 and 116.2.3 of the Act of 20 July 2018 – Law on Higher Education and Science – and who meet the following eligibility criteria according to § 165 of the Statute of the Jagiellonian University:

  • holds at least a doctoral degree;
  • has relevant scientific achievements and experience in one or more of the fields of interest in the CrimScapes project;
  • takes an active part in academic life involving, in particular, presentations at conferences and workshops;
  • has at least one publication (published or accepted for publication) in an international peer-reviewed journal in one or more of the project’s fields of interest;
  • demonstrates interest in the project’s fields of research and a readiness to engage in the research activities of the CrimScapes project;
  • has experience in conducting qualitative research and in applying qualitative methodologies and qualitative data analysis strategies (at least one qualitative research project completed);
  • has good organisational skills, research independence, reliability, and an ability to keep deadlines and work collectively;
  • is fluent in English (written and spoken) and fluent in the language(s) necessary to conduct fieldwork

What we offer

We offer an inspiring work environment in an interdisciplinary, international research team bringing together researchers from the Jagiellonian University (Poland), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Germany), Helsinki of University (Finland), and Université Paris Saclay (France). The Institute of Sociology at the Jagiellonian University is an equal opportunity employer and offers an attractive and diverse workplace in a favourable environment with a variety of development opportunities and benefits. The monthly gross salary is 10,000 PLN (ten thousand PLN). Unfortunately, Jagiellonian University does not provide housing. Offices are shared; remote work and commuting are possible.

Application process

Researchers who would like to participate in the competitive selection process should submit the following documents to the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, ul. Gołębia 24, 31-007 Kraków, room 24 or via email to the Principal Investigator of the CrimScapes project agata.dziuban@uj.edu.pl (subject: CrimScapes Post-Doc Position):

  1. curriculum vitae (max 2 pages) with all relevant contact information;
  2. personal questionnaire filled in by the candidate; [available at the website: https://dso.uj.edu.pl/druki-do-pobrania/dokumenty-dla-kandydatow-pracownikow; name of the file: Kwestionariusz osobowy dla osoby ubiegającej się o zatrudnienie]
  3. copy of the doctoral diploma;
  4. information on the candidate’s research and organisational achievements;
  5. list of publications (along with the respective journals, publishing houses and page numbers);
  6. one writing sample regarded as the most relevant to the CrimScapes project (a journal article or a book chapter, up to 30 pages);
  7. research project proposal not exceeding four (4) pages including a statement outlining how the proposed topic fits into the profile of the CrimScapes project;
  8. motivation letter explaining the candidate’s interest in the CrimScapes project (not exceeding one page);
  9. recommendation letter from an academic tutor or fellow researcher;
  10. declaration from the candidate confirming that Jagiellonian University will be their primary place of work should they be selected in the competitive selection process; [available at the website: https://dso.uj.edu.pl/druki-do-pobrania/dokumenty-dla-kandydatow-pracownikow; name of the file: Oświadczenie o miejscu pracy];
  11. declaration under Article 113 of the Law on Higher Education and Science; [available at the website: https://dso.uj.edu.pl/druki-do-pobrania/dokumenty-dla-kandydatow-pracownikow; name of the file: Oświadczenie w trybie art. 113 ustawy z dnia 20 lipca 2018 Prawo o szkolnictwie wyższym i nauce];
  12. declaration acknowledging and accepting the rules and regulations concerning intellectual property management and commercialisation in force at the Jagiellonian University; [available at the website: https://dso.uj.edu.pl/druki-do-pobrania/dokumenty-dla-kandydatow-pracownikow; name of the file: Oświadczenie o własności intelektualnej];
  13. information regarding the processing of personal data [available at the website: https://dso.uj.edu.pl/druki-do-pobrania/dokumenty-dla-kandydatow-pracownikow; name of the file: Informacja o przetwarzaniu danych osobowych - Plik kandydaci doc EN],

Depending on the application pool, candidates may be invited to an interview (conducted online).

Further information

Opening date: 1st September 2020
Application submission deadline: 28th September 2020
The competitive selection process will be concluded by: 7th October 2020

With questions regarding this position, please contact the Polish research team of the CrimScapes project: dr. Agata Dziuban (PI, agata.dziuban@uj.edu.pl) and dr. Justyna Struzik (justyna.struzik@uj.edu.pl).

Data opublikowania: 01.09.2020
Osoba publikująca: Olga Maciejewska