dr Jolanta Perek-Białas

position: associate professor
e-mail: jolanta.perek-bialas@uj.edu.pl

Jolanta Perek-Białas is Associate Professor at the Jagiellonian University, Cracow in Poland and as well she works at the Institute of Statistics and Demography at the Warsaw School of Economics. Her research interest focuses on ageing, active ageing indicators, ageism in the labour market policy, social exclusion of older persons, care for older persons. She has been a Polish coordinator and participated in many national, international projects related to these topics and as well as expert for various decision policy makers at the local, regional and national level in Poland and for OECD, European Commission, World Bank, UNECE. She has published on active ageing policy, ageism in the labour market, reconciliation of work and care for older persons, consequences of population ageing in Central Eastern Europe countries and exclusion of old people. Currently, she is a Polish representative in the COST ACTION 1492: Ageism – a multinational, interdisciplinary perspective and in COST ACTION Reducing Old-Age Social Exclusion: Collaborations in Research and Policy, while in the first one she is also a Chair of the WG on Ageism in the Labour Market. Since, November 2017, she has been involved in a huge prestigious Marie-Curie Sklodowska Action – Innovative Training Network project EuroAgeism (Coordinator: Prof. L. Ayalon). Recent co-authored chapters in books include, 2016: The elderly care regime and migration regime after the EU accession (Routledge), 2017: Regional approaches to demographic change in Poland (Springer), 2018: Measures of Ageism in the Labour Market in International Social Studies (Springer).​

Research interests

  • activity of elderly people, the aging of society and its socio-economic consequences
  • economic behaviour of households (saving, earnings, expenses)
  • application of statistical methods in the analyses of socio-economic phenomena
  • statistical analysis of secondary data 


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