About us

The Jagiellonian University Institute of Sociology (JU IS) is one of the chief centres of sociology in Poland. For 50 years it has run programmes of study taught by distinguished Polish sociologists, has conducted important research and educational projects, and collaborated with the local community.

The study offer of the Institute has gained widespread recognition, which has been reflected in our top positions in the annual rankings of Polish higher education institutions. The JU Institute of Sociology is a community of staff and students that combines sociological imagination with the ability to view the social reality in an unconventional and unbiased manner.

Universities' ranking

Sociology at the Jagiellonian University took the third place in Poland in this year's ranking by Perspektywy magazine (see more: PERSPEKTYWY 2019) This means that our sociology is the best not only in Kraków, but also in the whole south Poland! The only institution in Poland to score more points than us in the field of sociology was the University of Warsaw. We congratulate the winner, and are ready for a tough competition next year!