INSPIREUROPE l Supporting Researchers At Risk

Serdecznie zapraszamy na seminarium "INSPIREUROPE. Supporting Researchers At Risk", które odbędzie się 9 stycznia 2020 roku (czwartek) w Collegium Maius Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego w Krakowie.

Konsorcjum InSPIREurope powstało w międzynarodowej sieci Scholars at Risk, której misją jest działanie na rzecz wolności akademickiej oraz ochrona prześladowanych członków i członkiń społeczności uniwersyteckiej. Spotkanie będzie okazją do podjęcia dyskusji na temat stanu wolności akademickiej, prezentacji europejskich systemów wsparcia i pomocy oraz wymiany doświadczeń i wiedzy. 

9.00 - 9.30

Opening Session
Venue: Michał Bobrzyński Room (2nd floor)
Chair: Prof. Beata Kowalska, Jagiellonian University

Welcome remarks:
- Prof. Piotr Laidler, Internationalisation Committee, Jagiellonian University
- Prof. Marcin Lubaś, Director of the Institute of Sociology, Jagiellonian University
- Dr Barbara Sheldon, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
- Sinead O’Gorman, Director, SAR Europe at Maynooth University

Opening Reflections:
Fragile Academic Freedom & the Cost of Dangerous Questions
Dr Mubashar Hasan, Researcher, Department of Cultural Studies and Oriental Languages, University of Oslo

9.30 - 10.40

Building a culture of welcome at Polish universities
Venue: Michał Bobrzyński Room (2nd floor)
Introduction: Khedi Alieva Kobiety Wędrowne Association, Dr Dorota Jaworska, Gdańsk University
Chair: Prof. Monika Płatek, University of Warsaw

- Dr Grzegorz Piotrowski, European Solidarity Centre
- Prof. Waldemar Martyniuk, Jagiellonian University
- Prof. Janusz Mucha and Konrad Pędziwiatr, Observatory of Multiculturalism and Migration, Cracow University of Economics
- Prof. Dominika Kasprowicz, Decius Villa

Q&A, Discussion

16.30 -18.00

Associated event
Venue: Michał Bobrzyński Room (2nd floor)
Chair: Prof. Marcin Lubaś, Jagiellonian University

Visiting scholars in Europe: series of short lectures on research

Swamp of Oil: An Archaeological Study of Women’s Ownership in Contemporary Iran
Dr Leila Papoli-Yazdi, Gothenburg University

Deconstructing the Relationship Between Corruption and Human Rights and the Risk Thereof
Prof. Prosper Maguchu, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Inspireurope promotes cooperation across Europe in support of researchers at risk. As pressures on academic freedom are growing around the world, so too are pressures on individual researchers. Inspireurope partners join forces across Europe to respond. When researchers are at risk, and excluded from participating in the global research circuit, whether due to discrimination, persecution or violence, not only are individual lives and careers at risk - the very future of research is also at stake. Inspireurope begins from the view that excellence in research depends upon open scientific debate, and is driven by a multiplicity of ideas, people and perspectives. The skills and attributes of researchers at risk represent significant potential for the receiving countries in Europe. However, for such potential to be fully realised on a Europe-wide scale, well- coordinated efforts by a diverse set of experienced actors are required. Therefore, European partners organize to build a cross-sectoral European support structure, develop the network of actors supporting the scholars and preparing the work environment in Europe at the hosting institution.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 857742

Published Date: 02.01.2020
Published by: Olga Maciejewska