Center for Evaluation and Analysis of Public Policies

The Center for Evaluation and analysis of Public Policies was established by the Rector of the Jagiellonian University in 2008 at the JU Faculty of Philosophy. The Center plays the role of a research, expert and educational unit, whose primary aim is to work together with public administration in the field of the evaluation and analysis of public policies, and its methodology. The Center is funded from its own resources. It runs basic and applied research projects, expert analyses and educational courses, primarily oriented at various levels of the public administration sector.

The projects run by the Center include:

  • Empirical Research into the job market, education (especially lifelong learning), public policies and the governance quality.
  • General methodology related to the indicators in the public policies system and its application in the particular areas of state development strategy and the preparation of suggestions for GUS and Eurostat, concerning the measurement of important phenomena related to the effects of public policies.
  • Research-development activities in the field of evaluation methodology, with special focus on modern methods of measuring nett effects of programmes and projects and of determining the causal relationships between the public intervention and the observed effects
  • Attempts to adapt the achievements in research and data analysis methodology to evaluation research, insight in the new developments in information technology and their potential application in public policies monitoring, evaluation and analysis.
  • Analytic work in the area of pilot solutions to be applied in public policies, with primary focus on lifelong learning and other ways to increase the human capital
  • Research on the measurement of the productivity of the Polish science in the context of improving the competitiveness of science and economy 
  • Research into the absorption mechanism of the support addressed to the small and medium business sector
  • Research into the socio-cultural factors determining the effectiveness of public interventions
  • ad-hoc expert work within the framework of long-term collaboration with public administration units responsible for the planning and evaluation of public policies and programmes   
  • Research into the human capital and job market.

The Center's Educational Activities are primarily focused on building the evaluative potential of public administration by:

  • Post-diploma studies in evaluation methodology and public policies analysis
  • Courses in research and qualitative and quantitative data analysis methods with the use of computer tools
  • Courses in methods of evaluation research and other empirical social research
  • Preparation of learning and teaching materials in the field of evaluation methods and social policies analysis

CEiAPP staff members

CEiAPP staff consists mainly of employees and doctoral students of the Department of Sociology of Economy, Education and Social Research Methods of the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University.

The first Director of the Center was appointed Professor Jarosław Górniak - head of the Department of Sociology of Economy, Education and Research Methods at the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University.

The Director of the Center of Evaluation and Public Policy Analysis is Professor Jolanta Perek-Białas. She is Professor in the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University and as well as in the Institute of Statistics and Demography of the Warsaw School of Economics

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