Department of Social Anthropology

Areas of Research

  • theories of cultural change
  • interreligious and ethnic relations, co-existence of Christianity and Islam in Europe
  • blood relations, biotechnology
  • secularisation
  • processes of cultural transmission

Staff members

Doctoral students

  • Ms Alina Doboszewska
  • Mr Michał Kurcwald
  • Ms Wiktoria Michałkiewicz
  • Ms Katarzyna Słaby
  • Ms Agata Rejowska

Ongoing projects

  • "Tracing Memory: Strategies of Remembering Jewish Culture in Galicia. The project funded by the National Science Centre", director of the project: Dr hab. Jacek Nowak, team members: A. Niedźwieńska, S. Kapralski, D. Niedźwiedzki, A. Dziuban, project duration: September 2013 – August 2016

Completed projects

  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education project: Space managemant: globalisation, ethnicity, power (0295/H02/2005/28, director of the project: Maria Flis, team members: Andrzej Bukowski, Marcin Lubaś, Jacek Nowak; Jagiellonian University, 2005-2009.  
  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education project: Social borders and religion. Social organisation of religious diversity in a West Macedonian village (No. N N116 193236, Jagiellonian University, director of the project: Marcin Lubaś) – 2009- 2011