dr Annamaria Orla-Bukowska

position: assistant professor
e-mail: a.orla-bukowska@uj.edu.pl

Dr. Annamaria Orla-Bukowska is a social anthropologist, specializing in issues of multiculturalism. Her major field of concentration is Polish Christian-Polish Jewish relations in the 20th and 21st centuries. She teaches extensively for other departments of the Jagiellonian, but also in postgraduate programs at the State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau and The Graduate School for Social Research in Warsaw. She has guest-lectured in the USA, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Greece, Australia, and Israel. Dr. Orla-Bukowska was a 1999 Koerner Holocaust Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew & Jewish Studies, a 2004 Yad Vashem Fellow in Jerusalem, and a 2009 Skalny Center Fellow at the University of Rochester. She is the author of a chapter on Polish collective memory in The Politics of Memory in Postwar Europe (N. Lebow, W. Kansteiner, C. Fogu, Duke University Press, 2006), and the co-editor (with Robert Cherry) of Rethinking Poles and Jews: Troubled Past, Brighter Future (Rowman & Littlefield, 2007). With a grant from the Polish Ministry of Research and Higher Education, she has led a 3-year research project on the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow, the results of which are currently being compiled and analyzed.

Research interests

  • Cultural minorities, institutionalised inequality
  • "Polish-Jewish" relations (religious, cultural, social, political) – from the 19th century to contemporary times:, shtetl, Galicia, Holocaust, the role of non-governmental actions in postcommunist Poland
  • Sociology of emotions – negative emotions' positive consequences for collective identity
  • Jehovah's witnesses during the times of dissolution in the People's Republic of Poland


  • Rethinking Poles and Jews: Troubled Past, Brighter Future, red. Robert Cherry, Annamaria Orla-Bukowska, Rowman & Littlefield, 2007 / Wydanie polskie: Polacy i Żydzi – kwestia otwarta, Więź, 2009
  • „The ethos of dialoguing in the Shoah Landscape" [w:] The Holocaust Ethos in the 21st Century: Dilemmas and Challenges, red. N. Davidovitch, D. Soen, Austeria Publishing House, 2012