dr Grzegorz Bryda

position: assistant professor
e-mail: grzegorz.bryda@uj.edu.pl, gbryda@gmail.com

dr Grzegorz Bryda – assistant professor at the Institute of Sociology, proxy of the rector of the Jagiellonian University for Education Quality System Evaluation, proxy of the dean of the Faculty of Philosophy for evaluation of education quality at the Institute of Sociology, member of the Rector's Permanent Committee for Quality of Education. Experienced in conducting quantitative and qualitative research, moderating discussion groups (+450 FGI) and in-depth interviews (+250 IDI), statistical data analysis, data modelling using data mining techniques and computer-aided qualitative data analysis (CAQDAS). Has carried out over 80 research projects for commercial companies and public institutions in market and social research. In 2003-2009 he worked as a senior consultant for statistical analyses and data mining and lecturer at the SPSS Polska Training Centre (now IBM Predictive Solutions). Collaborates with public institutions and private companies as a consultant for methodology and data analysis. Since 2008, as rector's proxy, responsible for implementing system solutions in data analysis, evaluations and surveys, as well as managing education quality at the Jagiellonian University. At the Institute of Sociology heads the Qualitative Sociology Laboratory (CAQDAS TM LAB) and Focus Work Group.

Research interests

  • sociological theory, methodology of social research
  • cognitive science, sociology of knowledge and education
  • methods and techniques of data analysis in the social sciences
  • applications of mixed-methods design, informatics and NLP in qualitative data analysis (Caqdas, Data and Text Mining) and modelling of social processes