Department of Modern Culture

Fields of research

  • sociological theories
  • theories of social change
  • sociology of culture
  • visual sociology
  • sociology of everyday life
  • socciology of film
  • sociology of music
  • sociology of the Internet
  • sociology of finance
  • sociology of translation
  • sociology of ethics
  • sociology of cultural and civilizational problems
  • sociology of power
  • discourse analysis
  • cultural aspects of transformation and modernisation
  • elements and dynamics of inter-human space of relations
  • visual turn in sociology and culture
  • sociology of values and norms
  • sociology of morality

Staff members

Doctoral students

  • Mr Salvo Ando
  • Ms Natalia Chrobak
  • Mr Robert Dorczak
  • Ms Aldona Pikul
  • Ms Anna Sarzyńska
  • Mr FIlip Stańczyk

Ongoing projects

  • Research on bioethics, evolution and social change.

Completed projects

  • Research on the ethics of science and technology (NATO grant)
  • Research on the ethics of robotics (Italian Ministry of Defense grant)