Department of Applied Sociology and Social Work

Fields of research

  • applied sociology
  • urban studies
  • theory and history of social probelms
  • social exclusion and marginalisation
  • clinical social work
  • solution-focused approach to social work

Staff members

Doctoral students

  • Mr Olaf Gwiżdż
  • Ms Marta Kamińska 
  • Ms Olga Maciejewska
  • Ms Justyna Mańka
  • Ms Natalia Martini
  • Mr Zdzisław Skuza

Completed projects

  • Social problems diagnosis and human resources development policy in Katowice. Project co-funded by the European Union, from the European Social Fund (no UDA-POKL.07.02.01-24-028/09) – Coordinator/academic supervisor: Dr hab. Lucjan Miś (2011-2012)
  • Street Children": minors marginalization and automarginalization processes. Identification of the problem determinants and its socio-cultural manifestation (own research project no. N N116 088434, funded by the ministry of science and higher education). Director of the project: Krzysztof Frysztacki, project implementation: Marta Smagacz-Poziemska, Marcjanna Nóżka (2008 – 2011)
  • Solution Focused Approach as a new method in social welfare and education in Poland – Director of the Polish part of the project: Dr hab. Lucjan Miś (2004-2007)
  • Projekt CASE: Cities Against Social Exclusion [Interreg IIIC] (2005-2007); Director of the project: Dr Andrzej Bukowski, project implementation: Dr Marta Smagacz-Poziemska, Dr Barbara Jabłońska.


  • Krakow City Hall
  • City Center for Social Welfare in Krakow
  • Regional Center for Social Policy in Krakow
  • Polish Association of Social Work Schools
  • Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture
  • Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Faculty of Interior Design
  • Center for Prevention and Social Education PARASOL
  • Małopolska Institute of Culture (Małopolski Instytut Kultury)
  • MONAR Association (Clinic of Prevention, Treatment and Addiction Therapy in Krakow)
  • SIEMACHA Association
  • Ohio State University College of Social Work
  • Evangelische Hochschule Berlin
  • XLIII High School in Krakow
  • Institute of Social Therapy and Education - Association
  • Polish Federation of Social Workers and Social Service Employees Union