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Study programs, plans of studies, course registration

Course registration takes place through the USOSweb system. We encourage you to read carefully the useful information regarding use of the USOSweb on the WEBSITE

The rules for Individual organisation and change within the course of study are regulated by the Regulation for first-cycle, second-cycle and long-cycle study programmes

§ 24

  1. Upon student’s motion dean may agree to individual organisation of study in the form of Individual Study Programme or Individual Study Plan.
  2. Pregnant student or student who is a parent cannot be refused a consent to study within a specified field of study and level according to individual organisation of study till the moment of its completion – in the case of full-time degree programme.

§ 25

  1. Individual Study Programme involves modification of study programme in order to adapt the programme to student’s academic interests or to enable student conduct research together with granting individual tutelage of an academic teacher.
  2. Student is obliged to file a motion for granting Individual Study Programme before commencement of academic year in which student wishes to benefit from Individual Study Programme. In exceptional circumstances motion may be filed during academic year.
  3. Student applying for granting Individual Study Programme shall present for dean’s acceptance a proposal of programme for the coming academic year consulted with academic teacher who agreed for the post of academic tutor. In the case of student’s failure in indicating a candidate for academic tutor, tutor shall be appointed by dean Modification of study programme must ensure achievement of all learning outcomes provided for in a study programme.
  4. When agreeing to Individual Study Programme, dean accepts at the same time study programme and the candidate for academic tutor.
  5. As academic tutor may be appointed academic teacher holding at least academic degree of doktor.
  6. Upon motion filed by student whose situation does not allow attending classes and passing courses in accordance with study programme, dean may agree to Individual Study Plan, particularly in the case of:
    1) disability or illness,
    2) studying at more than one field of study,
    3) taking care over a child,
    4) participating in an exchange programme where the University is party to agreement,
    5) active operation in the self-governing students organisation or academic students organisation for the University.
  7. Individual Study Plan may particularly involve:
    1) modification of sequential system of classes and exams as well as modification of forms of credits and exams, schedule of classes within the course of study or volume of classes hours, subject to § 10 (1) hereinabove,
    2) extramural passing classes, in consultation with person conducting classes,
    3) changes in exams and credits dates.
  8. Student applying for granting Individual Study Plan shall present for dean’s acceptance mode of exams and credits provided for in a given semester, and in the case of courses lasting a whole year – for an academic year, together with conditions for credits agreed and consulted with person conducting classes.
  9. Detailed rules for studying in accordance with Individual Study Programme or Individual Study Plan shall be determined by faculty council.

The main tool used at the Jagiellonian University to implement remote classes is Microsoft Teams. This is one of the many applications available to all lecturers, employees, PhD students and students of the Jagiellonian University as part of the Office 365 cloud.