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Professional traineeship

The Institute of Sociology organizes professional traineeship for students within the study program, which are an integral part of the studies.

Students are required to complete traineeship during their studies (between the third and sixth semester of studies) resulting from the education standards, for a duration of not less than 3 weeks.

Students carry out their traineeship in selected companies, research agencies, advertising and PR agencies, media, non-governmental organizations, local government units, etc. For internships, students receive 4 ECTS points and a credit. Points are added to the total number of points obtained in the third year, regardless of the date of the professional traineeship. Failure to pass the internship results in failure to pass the year in which it should finally be completed (i.e. the third year of undergraduate studies).

The Institute of Sociology is gradually building a base of cooperating institutions where our students can take internships. The list of institutions with signed internship agreements is available from the Coordinator for internships for students of sociology.

Coordinator for professional traineeship for students of sociology:
Professor Magdalena Ślusarczyk

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What is the purpose of the internship?

Professional traineeship are primarily aimed at:

  • broadening the knowledge and skills acquired during the studies
  • shaping specific professional skills
  • learning about the functioning of the organizational structure, rules of work organization, procedures, work planning process in a given institution
  • getting to know the specifics of working at various positions in an institution/company, improving skills in the scope of activities performed at particular positions
  • getting acquainted with the possibilities and specificity of work that can be done after graduating from sociology
  • improving teamwork skills, decision-making, responsibility for entrusted tasks, organization of own work, shaping professional ethics
  • getting to know your own possibilities on the labor market
  • establishing professional contacts
  • learning about the areas in which students can develop their broadly understood sociological interests

Where can you do an internship?

The internship may take place in economic units, state administration units, local government units, social institutions, social organizations, foundations, cultural and educational institutions, health care, culture, scientific and research institutions, public opinion research centres, training services, consulting, media and advertising, or other organizational units, if the nature of the traineeship carried out by the student is consistent with the profile of the field of study.

The professional traineeship may also take place within the framework of the European Union programs and foreign exchanges aimed at students.

It is also possible to implement the internship by engaging in work at the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University (e.g. at the organization of conferences).

Students make internships in a place of their choice, in accordance with the profile of the field of study as well as individual interests and future career plans. The internship should be a time of professional orientation!

What form can the professional traineeship take?

The practice could take the form of:

  • work or volunteer work in state and local administration
  • work or volunteer work in non-governmental institutions
  • work in a research agency, consulting company or in the personnel consulting industry in a position related to social research, solving social problems, organizing social life or managing teams of people
  • work in a company dealing with human resources management (HR) 
  • work in a marketing and advertising or media company (activities related to the institution's PR)
  • work in public opinion polling or training institutions
  • implementation of projects carried out at the Institute of Sociology or other scientific and research units
  • organization of scientific, cultural and sports life of the University, Faculty of Philosophy or Institute of Sociology

You cannot pass a traineeship that is limited to only:

  • performing office work: operating office equipment, conducting correspondence, administering an e-mail box
  • organizing the documentation of the institution/company
  • proofreading (stylistic, linguistic, etc.) or editing documents/texts
  • editing reports - rewriting data, graphic and language editing
  • getting to know the scope of work undertaken in a given institution/company
  • providing/ordering office supplies
  • works that do not have a sociological aspects
The above activities may appear during the internship, but they cannot dominate it, nor can it be limited only to them

What formalities must be fulfilled?

The form, conditions and dates of internships must be agreed with the person designated to coordinate internships prior to the commencement of internships. The student must present the initial internship plan and obtain approval of the form and date of the internship.

The following documents are required for the internship:

  • internship agreement (2 copies: for the host institution/company and the Institute of Sociology) - provided by the internship coordinator
  • referral to internships (at the request of the company/institution where the internships will take place) - provided by the internship coordinator
  • apprentice card

Before starting the internship, the student must provide the institution/company/organization with an agreement on the organization of internships

It is possible to apply to the selected institution/company/organization with a request for admission to an internship. For the selected places, as well as possible preparation and sending of the application for admission to the internship, please contact the person coordinating the internship at the Institute of Sociology.

How to pass the internship?

The Professional traineeship Coordinator at the Institute of Sociology will complete the internship on the basis of relevant documents - especially the internship agreement and the apprentice's card or the application for crediting the internship on the basis of employment, along with a certificate confirming the employment of the student and a description of the scope of duties.

The apprentice's card must contain:

  • student details
  • company/institution data
  • dates and hours of practice
  • issues and work that the student was doing during the internship
  • general opinion about the trainee
  • overall evaluation of the internship
  • stamp and signature of the person authorized to confirm the traineeship