Study programmes in Polish

First-cycle programmes

The curriculum is module-based. It allows each student to elastically shape his or her course of study. Such a formula allows the students to adapt the curriculum to their individual needs. There are six modules, divided into thematic blocks (e.g. social structures and processes, social institutions, social identities, research methods, or sociology in action). Each module has its obligatory courses and a number of optional courses to choose from.

See: JU Sylabus

Second-cycle programmes

The curriculum of second-cycle programmes includes the theoretical module, the methodological module, and the specialization courses: public sphere, communication in contemporary society, globalization – inequality – culture, market research, and public policy analysis. The students participate in obligatory and optional courses within the specialization framework.  

See: JU Sylabus

Third-cycle programme

The doctoral studies a the Faculty of Philosophy are the third-cycle of higher education (undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies). The programme has been designed in a way that enables the students to acquire expert knowledge in highly specialized fields related to the topics of their doctoral theses. The students of the third-cycle programme are required to have very good knowledge in the area of social sciences and humanities, including the latest research achievements. The studies consist in the participation in lectures and seminars for doctoral students on the one hand, and individual and group work with an academic advisor on the other.