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As an introduction...

Sociology at the center, because...

In the center of our interest are phenomena and processes important for the quality of life of people living today and for future generations

We cooperate with the best researchers from other disciplines and sectors, but we put sociology, with its theoretical tools and methodology, at the center. As a result we notice the causes, effects and connections between phenomena and processes.

Our Institute is located in the very center of Krakow. The historic surroundings and downtown dynamics create the unique atmosphere of this place!

What do we specialize in?

We recognize the challenges that groups, institutions and communities face nowadays, in connection with demographic and civilization challenges and the climate and ecological crisis

We are looking for the answers to complex scientific questions about social change, especially democratization, citizenship and activism, and mechanisms of inequality and exclusion

We use the latest concepts and research methods

How do we do it?

We cooperate intensively with other universities, institutions, organizations and businesses from Poland and abroad

We include students in our projects, improving the formula of studying through research practice

Through training and workshops for the community and by performing expert roles outside the university, we share knowledge with others to help solve problems that cross the boundaries of disciplines and fields

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For candidates

NOTE! JU Institute of Sociology conducts studies in Polish.

In our offer you will find many English-language courses that are part of the study programmes and those dedicated to Erasmus+ students, but to take up studies, you have to demonstrate knowledge of the Polish language.


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