Marta Smagacz, Revitalization of Urban Space, Pisa 2008

Marta Smagacz, Revitalisation of Urban Space. Social Changes in Krakow's Kazimierz and the Ticinese district in Milan, Edizioni Plus: Pisa 2008

Table of contents


I. Late modern social life - in the laboratory district

  1. Society as the object of change
  2. Between locality and globality - "local society"?
  3. The city as social space
  4. Social space as natural and cultural area
  5. District - laboratory

II. Revitalisation of urban space as a process of social change

  1. Revitalisation -meanings, contexts, uses
  2. The model of revitalisation of urban space
  3. Characteristics of urban space revitalisation research

III. Kazimierz and Ticinese - enclaves in a metropolis

  1. The metropolitan context of Kazimierz and Ticinese
  2. Physical characteristics of urban space
  3. Kazimierz and Ticinese in the administrative structures of the city

IV. The historical context - (self) development of identity: Kazimierz and Ticinese
V. Temporal and spatial framework of research

  1. Kazimierz and Ticinese as natural and cultural areas
  2. From the crisis to new vitality

VI. Changes in physical space
VII. Social changes - "rewriting the history"

  1. Transformation of district resident and user profiles
  2. Different and changeable activity patterns
  3. Social relations - dialectics of perspectives and definition of situation


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