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Professor Andrzej Bukowski

position: university professor


Andrzej Bukowski - professor at the Institute of Sociology of Jagiellonian University. His main research interests include regionalism, local and regional development, local democracy and civil society, urban studies, and social theory. He has been a participant in or co-ordinator of over a dozen scientific research projects funded by Polish and international bodies: the State Committee for Scientific Research, the National Science Centre, the European Union, the World Bank, and other institutions. Currently he is investigating the possibilities of empirical applications of the theory of social practice (TSP) in various research areas.

Scientific and research interests

  • regionalism
  • local and regional development
  • local democracy and civil society
  • urban studies
  • social theory

Publications (selected)


  • A. Bukowski, M. Smagacz-Poziemska, Redoing Caring Practices through Neighborhood Materiality, Polish Sociological Review, Vol 219(3)/2022: 331-350. DOI: 10.26412/psr219.03


  • M. Smagacz-Poziemska, A. Bukowski, N. Martini, Social practice research in practice. Some methodological challenges in applying practice-based approach to the urban research, International Journal of Social Research Methodology, Vol. 24(1)/ 2021: 65-78. DOI: 10.1080/13645579.2020.1760577


  • A. Bukowski, S. Rudnicki, Not Only Individualism: The Effects of Long-Term Orientation and Other Cultural Variables on National Innovation Success, Cross-Cultural Research, Vol. 53(2) / 2019: 119-162.

Completed projects (selected from recent years)

  • Research Grant: New communication technologies in the elderly communication practices. A praxiological approach, carried out within the ID UJ Minigranty pracownicze – Social (r)Evolutions Lab: Społeczne (r)Ewolucje – poza horyzont teraźniejszości, No: FS.4.12.2020. 01.03.2021-31.05.2021. Project Leader.
  • Research Project Differences and boundaries in the process of creating neighbourhood communities in large cities. A social-spatial study. National Research Center’ Grant No: 2014/15/B/HS6/01949. 2015-2018. Co-investigator.
  • Research Project of European Union: CASE Cities Against Social Exclusion Interreg III C East Zone. Index Number: 4E0012N. 2005-2007. International coordinator of the scientific part of the project.
  • Research Project within EU Agenda City of Tommorow, the EU Fifth Framework Research Programme (Improvements in mechanisms of democratic governance of the municipality). 2002-2004. Project scientific coordinator.

Other activities

Head of studies I and II degree in sociology at the Institute of Sociology