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Outgoing students

For all the information regarding the Erasmus+ Programme and the international exchange at the JU Institute of Sociology, please contact

Dr. Daria Łucka
Erasmus+ Programme Coordinator at the Institute of Sociology
International Exchange Coordinator 
at the Institute of Sociology

Contact via e-mail and MsTeams

Office hours:
Tuesday, 1:20 - 2:20 pm
room 75
or by e-mail appointment

Detailed information on the Erasmus+ program for outgoing students is available at

Who can leave?

The Erasmus+ program is open to participants of first and second degree studies. Mobility Capital at each of these levels is twelve months.

You must have completed at least the first year of undergraduate studies at the time of departure; in the first year of undergraduate studies, you can join the competition conditionally.

People graduating from bachelor's degree studies may apply for mobility conditionally: they receive the right to go abroad after being admitted to master's studies.

Where can you go?

As the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University, we have over 90 places at 44 universities throughout Europe. Our students have the opportunity to study in one of 19 countries. Our offer includes universities from: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Macedonia, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary, Great Britain and Italy.

The full list of partner universities along with the number of trips provided for in the agreements is available in the USOSweb system and on the website of the International Cooperation Department.

Before making a decision on choosing a university, you should:

  • see its program offer
  • check which language classes are held in and what level of language proficiency is required
  • check what other conditions must be met by Erasmus+ students at the host university
  • check the Erasmus+ registration deadline.

Before going on a scholarship

You should sign the Erasmus+ Scholarship Agreement at the Foreign Student Service Department of the Jagiellonian University, fill in the bank details form and submit it together with the agreement to DWM, register at the university to which you have received the scholarship (the dates and documents necessary for registration are set by the university host) and determine the study program by completing the Learning Agreement form (or the form required by the target university).

The completed Learning Agreement form must be signed by the IS Coordinator no later than October 31 in the case of mobility for the winter semester, and by March 31 in the case of mobility for the summer semester.

Some partner universities require that the Learning Agreement signed by the institute's Erasmus+ program coordinator be sent together with the registration documents. In such cases, you should apply for acceptance of the Learning Agreement at least 3 weeks before the date required by the university to which the student is going.

Conditions for passing the scholarship and the semester (or academic year) at JU IS

During the scholarship mobility, you must obtain the number of ECTS points needed to complete the semester or academic year (in the case of two-semester mobility), i.e. 30 or 60 ECTS. In the case of a surplus of credits obtained in previous years, fewer ECTS credits can be taken, but not less than 15 ECTS credits in a semester. At least two-thirds of the pool of points obtained must come from courses in the field of social sciences completed at the partner university.

Participation in the scholarship does not release the student from the obligation to complete the obligatory courses in a given year (according to the study program at IS UJ). Modification of the method of crediting in connection with the scholarship mobility requires the consent of the person conducting the given course and the Erasmus+ Coordinator at IS UJ.

Compulsory courses can be passed:

  • by passing their equivalents at the partner university (consent of the person conducting the given course at IS UJ and the Erasmus + Coordinator at IS UJ required)
  • on an individual basis at IS UJ (e.g. online, after returning from a trip, etc.).

Detailed arrangements regarding the implementation of compulsory courses are presented by the student in the Annex to the Learning Agreement.

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